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Published on May 25th, 2013 | by James


Patton Oswalt Reveals Which Comedians You Need To Check Out

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In case you missed Patton Oswalt’s recent AMA on Reddit – short for ask me anything, where a person of note opens themselves up to answer a series of questions – one of the questions was which stand-up comedians probably aren’t on your radar – but should be. There were 19 comedians on the list, and we’ve taken the time to compile a bit of background information on each of them, along with a video or two of them performing.. So if you’ve got some time to kill, sit back and enjoy some fresh stand-up comedy on this page, as suggested by Patton!

Here’s the full list of everyone we’ll take a look at on this page… You can click on any of their names to skip right to their section. Rather than opt for something fancy and pretentious like alphabetical order, we decided instead to keep things in the order from which they popped into Patton’s mind.

Emily Heller | Beth Stelling | Dominic Dierkes | Eliza Skinner | Brooks Wheelan | Whitmer Thomas | Eric Dadourian | Jake Weisman | Dave Ross | Paul Danke | Shelby Fero | Ronald Funches | Hampton Yount | Joseph Ocon | Pedro Salinas | Will Weldon | Chris Thayer


//. Emily Heller

If you were to ask Patton Oswalt, off the top of his head, which comedian you must check out, the first name he would pop off is that of Emily Heller. <- True story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine. Anyways, here are a couple videos of her to check out, and here’s a link to her Tumblr.

First up is a video with Emily Heller and a pal pointing out just some of the reasons you should hate Chris Brown…

  • “Chris Brown comments on youtube videos. All of them. All of the comments you don’t like – Chris Brown did those.”
  • If you’re a Republican, Chris Brown loves taxes. IF you’re a democrat, he hates taxes.
  • Chris Brown is on the paloop diet and we won’t stop talking about it.
  • When Amy Poehler and Will Arnett got divoried, Chris Brown laughed.
  • Google+ was Chris Brown’s idea.

And here’s Emily Heller doing some stand-up comedy at the Punch Line in San Francisco, granted it’s a couple of years old.


//. Beth Stelling

Comedian Beth Stelling relocated from Chicago to LA (I think? We’re not huge on research here.) You may have seen her on Conan. Here’s an excerpt from her website

“Beth continues to work bars, theaters, bookstores, sex shops, clubs, festivals and colleges across the country. She’s had the honor and delight of working with Rob Delaney, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Schaal, Andy Richter, Mario Joyner, Jimmy Pardo, Bill Burr, Nick Kroll, Kyle Kinane, Jim Norton,  Jim Jeffries, Dana Gould, Greg Proops and Puppetry of the Penis among others. Beth runs a weekly L.A. show called The Business with 3 dude comics at The Lyric Hyperion Theater in Silverlake, every Thursday at 8p.”

And here’s a video of Beth Stelling performing at the Purple Onion..


//. Dominic Dierkes

You can hear Dominic Dierkes hosting his live podcast “The Anytime Show” in LA, or just check out the video clip below of him performing on Conan.. You may also know him from the sketch comedy group Derrick Comedy along with members DC Pierson and Donald Glover. Dominic Dierkes has also done writing for The Onion, and Workaholics. He’s got a pretty impressive list of television appearances including Workaholics, Mad Men, Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt 23, Weeds, Community and Parks and Recreation just to name a few. Anywoo, here’s his set on Conan..



//. Eliza Skinner

Another comedian which Patton Odwalt wants you to check out is a lady named Eliza Skinner, who’s performing out of LA. She’s appeared on numerous shows, including Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and written for a lot of top-tier websites. You know, the really popular ones, not like us… We’re a hidden gem. Anyways, she’s also had a solo show at the UCB in LA called Shameless, been in some improv groups, and yeah – here’s a clip of her from 2012 and make sure you check out the blog on her website because it’s filled with funnies.


//. Brooks Wheelan

Patton isn’t the only one watching Brooks, he’s also one of Comedy Central’s 10 Comics to watch… So, make sure you watch! You can find Brooks Wheelan on twitter right here, and check out some of his Vines as well. He also has a website on Tumblr -  storming the front when it comes to social media! Can’t find much more information about him, but Patton Oswalt is a fan and that’s good enough to check out this ten minute clip of his stand up from his Youtube page.


//. Whitmer Thomas

Whitmer Thomas has appeared in a few shorts, as well as a couple of television series. He’s also been a guest on several comedy podcasts, and co-hosts a comedy show called Power Violence in Los Angeles. Check out this video of Whitmer doing stand-up from his Vimeo page.


//. Eric Dadourian

Like a lot of the comics on this page, Eric Dadourian is based out of Los Angeles. We can’t find too much other information about him, and everybody knows it’s rude to Google somebody past page 5, so we’ll let his set speak for itself.

Here’s a hilarious video from Eric Dadourain’s youtube page of him performing stand up comedy, check it out!


//. Jake Weisman

I had actually seen Jake Weisman perform before without even realizing it. I had seen a clip of a stand-up comedian humiliating a heckler and finding drugs on him, so we’ll include that clip as well as a clip of Jake Weisman doing his “Clinically Depressed” bit at The Laugh Factory.

Here’s Jake Weisman doing a bit at The Laugh Factory:


UPDATE: The clip of Jake Weisman finding drugs on a heckler has been removed from youtube for violating some kind of policy, unfortunately. Sorry folks :(

//. Dave Ross


//. Paul Danke


//. Shelby Fero


//. Ronald Funches


//. Hampton Yount


//. Joseph Ocon


//. Pedro Salinas

Pardon the quality of this one, it was taken on a cell phone apparently.



//. Will Weldon


//. Chris Thayer

The last comic to get plugged by Patton (“Plugged By Patton“.. patton pending.) Chris Thayer’s website describs him as “fledgling san francisco stand-up comic currently living in los angeles.” You’ve probably heard him on a podcast or two if you’re into comedy podcasts. The rest of the bio is from his website which you can find : here. Below we’ll include a couple videos of him, including one from the Spicy News Network that’s a must-see…

“He wrote on the pilot for “The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes” and has been a guest on the podcast “You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes” multiple times (episodes: #50#56#89, & #124). Additionally, he is a regular member of The Business SF (named “Best Cheap Night of Comedy – 2012” by SF Weekly); a founding member of The Business LA; a frequent performer at Hemlock Tavern’s “Club Chuckles”; creator and host of the “NERVES” and “Warm Regards” stand-up series; and a co-creator of comedy variety show “Funny Party”.”

Here’s the clip of Spicy Interviews featuring Chris Thayer and Pete Holmes:


And here is a clip of Chris Thayer performing stand up comedy:



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